Sunday, August 10, 2008


It has come to my attention lately that not all lighting is created equal. Of course, I understood this in a sort of a vague-doesn't-really-affect-me-kind-of-way, but lately it has become a personal issue.

In my bathroom, there are eight bright lights. Pretty little circular ones. But three of the eight have blown out, and I need to replace them. But until that day, the lighting in our bathroom has been . . . not great. Well, great for me. Not so great for creating a true image of the situation.

Which has led me to leave the house thinking that I looked alright and then arrive at the gym with its harsh, bright lighting, and suddenly realize the truth. And then it's too late.

Take last Thursday, for example. I was going to the gym and so I pulled my hair back, and I thought that things were looking okay. My curls looked to be somewhat still in tact, miraculously holding their shape though I'd slept on them for a few hours. They cascaded down from their scrunchy, yes SCRUNCHY!, in a manner that I thought was quite attractive for the effort. I may have even thought that some women tried to get their curls so perfect on their wedding day and wasn't I just blessed to wake up with them. Maybe I thought about that. It wasn't until I arrived at the gym and got to face my reflection in the mirror for an entire workout period that I had to face the truth. And dare I say, it was ugly.

I'll find some lightbulbs this week. And I wish everyone perfect lighting.

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Tina said...

I have a story kind-of like that one. I used to do my hair in front of a brown door. It made my hair (curls) look so full and wonderful. Until one day I saw myself in a mirror with a whiter background. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I thought I'd lost half my hair!

Enjoyed your lesson today . . . very thought provoking.