Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Emma can be one of the sweetest three year olds on the planet. She never really demands anything, she just asks for it, hopes for it. Sometimes it breaks my heart how unassuming she can be. When she was in school, she would frequently ask if we could go see the cats at PetSmart, one of her favorite places on earth. And everyday I told her no, Macey had to go home and take a nap, etc., etc. Until one day she was buckling up her car seat, looked at me and said, "Momma, we don't have to go see the cats today. It's alright. Maybe tomorrow." Ugh, I felt horrible for putting her off to see something that was FREE, for the love. So I said, "No, Emma, today is the day. We are going to go see the cats."

This last weekend, we were driving back from West Virginia, and Emma had started to associate poddy breaks with gas stations and candy bars. Well, we were just at a plain old rest stop, but Emma did not notice. On the way in, she told me, "I hope I get a candy, but I'm not sure. . " then she saw it was just a restroom, and her heart just sank. So she quickly asked her Dad when we were planning to stop for gas.

But this week, my quiet unassuming girl is showing a little of her dramatic side. Yesterday for breakfast she wanted a muffin and chocolate milk. Well, we couldn't have either. I had just enough milk for the cereal and no fancy chocolate chip muffin mixes that she loves so much. So I asked her what else she wanted. "Well, then, I guess I won't have anything." High drama. At age three? Today she could not decide what she wanted, but Macey could: her favorite french toast. So I made French Toast and chocolate milk and Emma walks into the kitchen asking for pancakes and chocolate milk. No pancakes. French toast and chocolate milk. "Well, then I'll just drink the chocolate milk." And off she walked. High drama. Heaven help me.

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