Friday, August 8, 2008

Always Amazing

For my birthday, I took some of my own money, some birthday money, and a gift certificate and updated my bed. I got some shiny and slippery satin sheets and a beautiful white coverlet to provide some comfort for the summer months but definitely not make us too hot. Well, I think that the coverlet is beautiful. Garry thinks that it's something that an old woman would put on her bed, and he may have a point. But I still think it's nice. And apparently I can use it for the next 70 years.

The coverlet has put a serious damper into Emma's favorite activity: jumping on my bed. She is not allowed to jump on Mama's new coverlet.

But she still tries to sneak in a jump or two. Or three.

This morning she was busted by no other than her little sister. While I was in the bathroom, Macey marched in in all of her 30 month glory and announced, "Emma is jumping on Mama's coverlet."

Now how many adults even know the word coverlet? That girl is amazing. But she needs to stop tattling on her sister and she needs to start respecting my privacy when I am in the bathroom. But, besides that, she's perfect.

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