Friday, July 10, 2009

Vote With Your Feet

This week Molly has fully mastered (or at least is getting pretty good at) crawling. She amazes me daily with how far she can go and how strong she is. We went to the doctor for a well visit this week and she is only 13 pounds. She's petite for seven months -- but strong! She can crawl and sit, sit and crawl.

Now that she can crawl she can finally go and see all the things around the room she always wanted to explore, but never got close enough to really see. I constantly catch her with my Guitar Hero guitars. And over by the wall vent.

The biggest surprise was last night. Garry was finally home from Florida and Emma & Macey were upstairs in the bath. Garry and I were in the living room with Molly. You would think that she would love the alone time and crawl over to us, but instead she crawled over to the stairs, staring them down, trying to figure them out so that she could get to her sisters.

Deep down, I know she loves me. Deep, deep down.

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Sylvia said...

But on the surface she really loves her cute.