Friday, July 17, 2009

Palmyra Trip: Day One

On Monday we headed out and up to Rochester, New York. We were going to leave when Garry got home from work, and it was my responsibility to get the last-minute items packed, gathered up, and ready to go. I also had to clean the house in case a potential buyer came to look at it while we were gone. Again, cleaning and packing are not my favorites.

We were out the door by 3:30 and promptly hit DC traffic. Followed by Baltimore traffic. Followed by Harrisburg traffic. Alright, 3:30 was not the best time to leave.

For the girls, we treated this long van trip like an airplane trip. They had their little backpacks full of coloring books, picture books, their own DVD players and movies. For part of the trip I sat in the middle of the van, next to Molly, with the girls in the back. That way I could easily hand over snacks and juice boxes. I realized, though, that my girls had me constantly giving them or handing them something. . .anything. . .and so I moved back up to the front where I could pretend not to hear them.

The one casualty on the trip was Molly's car seat. She had a blow out, and when we stopped at McDonalds I tried to clean it up. The faucet in the bathroom was a light spray that timed out every 10 seconds. So it took a little while. Scrub, spray, hit the button again. Scrub, spray, hit the button again. Argh! Finally it was clean, and I could stand next to the hand dryers to get it to dry out. This was the best part of the trip. I couldn't hear a single kid cry or a request for a juice box!

We finally made it to the hotel late that night. So excited for the adventures to come!

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The GruCru said...

roadtrip carseats are never good. Riley had one so bad, I had to remove the padding and use a blanket instead.