Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Overwhelmed By The Small Stuff

Yesterday I got overwhelmed by all the small stuff.

I got overwhelmed by trying to make a doctors appointment. (There are no endocrinologists in the county that accept insurance.)

I got overwhelmed arguing with my eye doctor. (Evil America's Best).

I got overwhelmed trying to do math at the bank with Molly screaming in the back seat. (It's hard to carry the two if you can't think).

I got overwhelmed at the gym. (Molly screams her head off the minute we walk in the door. Usually I get two laps in on the treadmill before they ask me to come get her).

I got really overwhelmed with the laundry. (No explanation necessary).

I got UNDERwhelmed by two students who do not practice but I still have to fill up the time. . . with what?

And then I saw my second cousin's profile picture on Facebook. She lost her Dad a few days before Christmas, and her profile picture is of her hugging him.

And I thought, "Silly small stuff."


Frankie said...


LeeAnn said...

So true!

Tina said...

I know you aren't asking for advice, but Tina is always handy with it . . . .take it or leave it . . .

Piano teaching advice . . . when they haven't practiced we just have a practice session at the lesson. I know this is incredibly boring, but I keep commenting on "WOW, look how many times you can get through that song is just 30 minutes!" and "Can you believe how improved that song is with just a "little eensy weensy bit" of practice!" or you could do flashcards or theory or sight reading . . . I keep a host of sight reading material and a blank theory book ready for such occasions! and I have them spell words with the flashcards or figure out which words I've spelled with them . . . my students also have to "pass of" there flashcards in 60 seconds or less, so we do that also.

Oh boy! I wrote a novel . . . sorry!

Tina said...

Oh my gosh, my grammar is horrible!!!!!! "pass off" their!!!