Sunday, July 5, 2009

Play Hard, Crash Hard

What a week!

Last Sunday Miss Molly turned seven months old. She is a happier baby now that she has some mobility. She is the queen of rolling over and has tried scooting and standing. Soon I would like her to master hair-growing!
This was the first week that I plopped Molly into the pool! Our community pool has a very slow grade and so we can sit in about two inches of water and splash and splash. Great fun!
Wednesday was my birthday! The girls and I have a tradition of going to Borders and everyone gets to buy a book. Macey picked out a Disney book, Emma picked out a book on horses, and I bought The Elegance of the Hedgehog.
After we went to the bookstore the Moores threw me a party at their house -- with a poster and streamers and dessert and everything! So nice! Garry met me there and picked up the kids and I went to go get my hair cut.
After so much bad luck with hair cuts (see multiple previous blogs) so I took Tina's advice, flat ironed it, told them not to wash it -- just cut straight across. It was not a horrible experience.
I came home and Garry had decorated the house with chocolate hugs and kisses. The girls gave me cards and chocolate and Garry gave me a Bose IPOD dock. I laughed when I saw the box. I expected the one that cost $69.99. I'm pretty sure that the Bose one cost a little more than that.
For dinner we headed to Mimi's Cafe. Since it was my birthday I got this great chocolate mousse dessert with a little candle. Wow! It was nice but not nearly as nice as the chocolate masterpiece Garry made for me when we got home. Great day!
On Thursday we took the girls on the Indian Head Rail Trail. Macey learned to ride a bike! She did so well. The first 25 feet were painful because she kept putting on the brakes. But once she figured out how to pedal, she did really well. She went an entire mile on her first trip out!
Thursday night I went out with the girls to The Proposal. Though it has a similar feel of While You Were Sleeping, I really liked it.

On Friday we met up with the Moore's and hit Kings Dominion! They had fireworks that night and so we had the girls dress for the occasion.

Today was the first day Macey tried out the Swinging Boat. Notice the total look of fear. I had to promise her a quarter for her to give it a try. I had to pay up first. Where's the trust?

Before the fireworks, the kids went to the Scooby Doo Haunted Mansion, one of their favorites.

On the Fourth of July we had a great barbeque at the Moore's and then headed off to the National Mall.

We met up with friends at the base of the Washington Memorial. Over my 11 years here in DC, I've watched them from the Washington Memorial (twice), the Lincoln, the Capitol, Iwa Jima, and near the White House.

It's always beautiful and always an adventure getting home. Luckily we were with friends and so the misery of being stuck in the metro for 40 minutes became something that we could laugh about.

After that adventure of a week, what did we do today? We NAPPED!


Tina said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

and a wonderful 4th!

and an hopefully an okay hair cut :) I don't even have to ask for a dry cut anymore, I'm in the computer listed that way!

LeeAnn said...

Reading this makes me exhausted! Think I'll take a nap too!

Grammy said...

What beautiful princesses - all three of them! You (we) are so lucky!!