Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ballerina Camp!

On Monday night Garry signed the girls up for Ballerina Camp! That gave me just a few hours to prepare. I was very nervous having not spent any time in the world of dance, and it is its own world. What should they wear? And what shoes? And their hair! So after storytime at the library I fed my girls lunch and started the process of turning them into ballerinas! Luckily Emma had a leotard from a cousin. And I just put tights on her. The shoes look right in the picture, but they are actually just church shoes.
I did not have a leotard for Macey, and so I just tried to make her look as girly as possible.

But luckily my friend Deidre had an extra leotard and so I was able to change her really quick, and she was very excited to have a leotard like Emma.

They were very excited to be at Dance Camp. I am not sure about Macey, but Emma has been waiting for this moment her whole life.

They played games, made princess crowns, ate snacks, and learned a little dance that Emma still does in the living room. What fun!
As we think about moving to Utah, this is a big plus. We are taking Emma to the land of dance studios!!