Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day Six and Seven: Back to San Diego!

After we were done with Disney, we headed south back to San Diego where Garry had some meetings for work. If you thought that as we went south we would warm up . . . you thought wrong. San Diego was still freezing! Luckily, we were staying at the most beautiful hotel -- the San Diego Hilton Resort & Spa. It was right on the beach which would have been wonderful if it had not been, have I mentioned?, FREEZING? I would take the girls to the beach in the morning and we'd be in swimsuits, toughing it out, and people would be walking the boardwalk behind us in sweats and jackets. of these things is not like the other. We were on the first floor and had our own private wet bar and veranda. It was great!
We also had our own firepit. On Wednesday night we went back to Sea World but on Thursday night we built a fire and made S'mores.

On Thursday night we also went to take the girls to the San Diego temple. It is very beautiful! Garry and I were last there six years ago when we flew out to watch a Lakers game. Who knew that the next time we returned we'd come back married and with three girls!


The GruCru said...

so did you post this after coming home last night?

Meg said...

How fun!! I love is the happiest place on earth :)