Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Theory. . .

Yesterday my "news feed" on Facebook was all a-twitter with comments on Michael Jackson. Did he deserve all of the attention? Did his funeral need to be covered by all major networks? Was the media milking the situation? And, on that same line of thought, was the family milking the situation?

Garry and I were in California when we heard that Michael Jackson died. Garry was on his way back to San Diego and they had broken the news on the radio. We thought about driving to his star in Hollywood to be a part of the spectacle. I mean to be a part of history. And we entertained that idea for all of 45 seconds.

My theory on all of the hoopla? Is it possible, just perhaps a little possible, that we treated him so well upon his passing with a memorial service covered on all major networks because we did not treat him well while he was here?

I think that he was abused while he was here, especially by his father. I hope that he did not become an abuser. I hope that he has found peace. And I hope that when I turn on the Today show tomorrow morning he will not be the lead story.

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