Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cunningham Family Bike Ride!

We did it! We finally got everyone on their bikes and hit the Indian Head Rail Trail. The girls were on their bikes and little Molly rode in the trailer behind Garry's bike. There were lots of stops for drinks. Even Molly had a drink break -- check her out with her little bottle.
Garry led the way and I stayed with Macey. It was only her second time on a bike. We started off strong but slow -- a jogger passed us. That was a low moment.

This was our turn-around point -- two miles down the trail. I had to pull up my pants because they kept getting caught in the chain. This is where the smiles ended. We just pushed it too far and on Mile 3 and Mile 4 Emma and Macey mutinied and got off their bikes, saying they were done. Well, we're on a trail . . .you've got to keep going until we get to the van! Molly screamed and screamed (she hated the trailer) and Emma caught a second wind and joined another family who were setting a better pace for her!
That left me with Macey, screaming and crying as she pedaled. Her legs hurt. Her tummy hurt. I may have told my three-year-old to push on through the pain -- I can't remember, it's all a blur. But, we made it! And after she was done and in the van, Macey said she had a great time!

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LeeAnn said...

Way to go! 4 miles I am truly impressed. I think that I would be whining and crying of I biked that far too!