Friday, July 17, 2009

Palmyra Trip: Day Two: Hill Cumorah!

We started our adventure by meeting up with my sister and her family in downtown Palmyra! Our first stop was the publication place for the Book of Mormon. We saw a video, took a tour of the office and store, and went to the third floor to see how the printing process was done.
After a quick stop to Mark's Pizzaria, we went to the Smith farm. Here we are in front of Joseph Smith's boyhood home. Zach broke his arm at Scout Camp and had his arm in a bright green cast. Emma was very confused as to why we were going to a house where no one lived anymore. She kept thinking that we were going to meet Joseph Smith and asked about him at every stop. Surely he had to be around here somewhere. . .

Rachelle and me in front of the Palmyra temple.

The Cunningham Family in the Sacred Grove. The cousins had a great time running the paths and finding and picking raspberries and blackberries.

Emma, Macey and Chloe at the Palmyra temple.

Getting ready for the Hill Cumorah pageant! Blankets? Check! Snacks? Check! This was Garry's favorite part of the entire trip. Emma and Macey sat on his lap the whole time and asked questions -- who is talking? What is happening now? For them, it was better than any movie.


Garry said...

Having the kids sit on my lap mesmerized during the Pagaent was my favorite part of the trip, but I also really enjoyed being in the Sacred Grove and having Emma tell the Joseph Smith story. I caught that part on video tape.

LeeAnn said...

Heard you ran into Megan and Jake! I am sure that Megan told you that Brandon(her Boy friend) was Joseph in the pageant. My step brother played Wicked King Noah. The beard was even real!

Jessica said...

Your sister is TINY!

stephandlance said...

You and your sister look so much a like!