Saturday, July 25, 2009

ONI Family Day!

Once a year the employees hide all of their classified stuff and families are invited onto the compound! It's ONI Family Day! Families can take tours, meet coworkers, it's great fun. Afterward, there is lunch and games on the grounds. It looks like a small carnival. Garry had a coworker whose son thought that this was what his Dad went to work at everyday. After lunch Emma tried the. . .the. . .I have no idea what this is called. We'll just call it the crazy bouncy thing. I had a woman ask me how old Emma was. I told her that she was four. She thought that Emma was very brave to try this out so young!
Emma bouncing.

Pony rides! The girls favorites! This year they rode by themselves -- no Mom and Dad walking next to them! They're big girls!

Emma on her pony. Garry's office building is behind her.

They also had a moon bounce. Macey had a great time!


Kiersten said... that what Garry gets to do everyday at work?
Looks like a great family day!

The GruCru said...

Love the pic of Emma-WEEE!