Wednesday, March 16, 2016

We Went To Disneyland!

My kids love Disneyland.  No, really, they love Disneyland.  They talk about it everyday.  It seems that every meal contains a discussion of a favorite ride.

Enjoying Disneyland is a little easier for us now.  Everyone is over 42 inches, allowing us to ride nearly every ride together as a family, which is something we could not do for nearly a decade.  Garry and I got really good at the Parent Swap thing.

But some parts of Disney are harder to enjoy now.  It seems that everytime we go, it gets more crowded.  Disneyland has over a million annual season pass holders, and I swear that each and every one was there when we went in February because it was really crowded.

We were only supposed to go for two days but surprised the kids with a third.  Going for a third day is a nice option because it allows you to just hit the highlights and take time for things outside of the rides, like meeting Spider Man and Thor and Kylo Ren.  But a third day can really hurt your feet!  Every night I went to bed and prayed that my feet would heal while I slept!  And every morning things were fine!

Emma still loves Screamin'.  She did not get to ride it nearly enough.  Braden still will not try Tower of Terror though the couch on the Carousel is just perfect for him.  Macey found Tiana on her birthday, which was huge.  And they added BB8 to Star Tours, which made her happy.  And Molly loved all of the spooky changes to Matterhorn.

A tax return well spent!

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