Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Time To Pick Up Sisters!

I am so grateful that I have this blog.  It contains many of my favorite memories from when Emma & Macey -- and even a little of Molly -- were little, little.  But, by abandoning this blog for a quicker, easier Facebook, I have really let a lot of Braden's childhood go undocumented.

So I'll try to do better.  Especially for him.  Because he's hilarious.

Braden is 4 now.  He'll turn 5 in just a few days, which he is very excited for.  He asks everyday how many days are left before his birthday, though he does not really understand the answer.

When I pick Braden up from preschool with Miss Sally, he really likes to chill out by watching "a show" as he calls them (Bubble Guppies and Paw Patrol are the current favorite) or playing a game on the Wii.  He HATES picking up the girls from school.  It disrupts his play time.  It's always a few drama-filled minutes before I can get him into the van.

Today I reminded him that we were going to leave soon to pick up "the sisters" when he responded: I thought they were walking home today!

Since the school is over two miles away and you have to go over a highway to get there, chances are really, really low that that would EVER be a possibility.  But hope springs eternal in his mind, I guess.

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Grammy T said...

Braden always makes me laugh when we FaceTime. He tells me stories about "the sisters" - and he always asks about what I did today, and "what did I do tomorrow"?