Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Macey Turns 10

We celebrated Macey's birthday at Disneyland but held her family birthday party when we got back. She requested brownies and a chocolate fountain, and Garry bought a ton of peanut butter cookies just for her.

A little about Macey:

She's in the Fourth Grade.  Her teachers are Ms. Jarvis & Ms. Liu.  She excels at school.  Last week we had Parent Teacher conference and Garry asked if there was anything Macey needed to work on.  Ms. Jarvis laughed.  Out loud.  She apologized but said she could not help it -- Macey is just perfect.

Macey learned to play the flute this year and is also working on the piano.  She started competitive dance and is finishing soccer this Spring.  Busy girl.

Macey loves her friends.  She is very loyal.  She's not as crazy about her younger sister.  She's very helpful with her little brother.

Macey loves to read.  She loves to steal my space heater and find a few minutes to read.  She likes to disappear into the basement and watch Disney Channel but lately she's been too busy to do that as much.

She loves pink.  

She's a daughter of my soul, and I love her very much!  Happy Birthday Macey Gracey Puddin' In Her Facey!

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Grammy T said...

Macey IS perfect! Love that girl!! So proud of her!