Monday, March 14, 2016

Competitive Dance Season Begins!

Saturday morning came way too early as I got Macey ready for her competitive dance performance at Juan Diego high school.  Luckily it was just in Draper, Utah.

I got Macey up and did her hair and make-up for the first dance.  It's a little challenging because she had three performances on Saturday and all required different hairstyles and shoes and outfits. . .I was also scolded for not putting on her lipstick dark enough.  Did I mention she was 10?  It's all a little much.

Macey is the youngest in her group.  She has a lot of learning to do, but she is having a really good time!  Her jazz number and lyrical number got third place but her production number, Willy Wonka, got first place.  It really deserved it.  They've done a marvelous job putting it together!

One competition down this year!  A few more to go!

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Grammy T said...

So exciting - can't wait to hopefully see one of her competitions! Great job Macey!