Saturday, March 5, 2016

He Didn't Get One!

Braden has been working really hard on learning his alphabet.  We have some flash cards and he's a master at his ABCs.

A few weeks ago, Braden was tested on his alphabet at school.  He missed a few lowercase letters and missed the sound a G makes.  Could not get that for the longest time.

He was retested this Friday and conquered the alphabet like a boss.  He was awarded with a bright yellow ABC badge.

Jumping in the van after school, he asked me, "Mom!  Guess what today was?"

"Alphabet Badge Day!" I responded.

Evidently I did not sound excited enough.  "No, Mom," he said.  "You don't understand.  He didn't get one," he pointed to a friend.  "And he didn't get one!" he said, pointing out another little kid.  LOUDLY.

Parents loved hearing that. . .

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