Saturday, March 5, 2016

But, Mom. . .

Braden has a lot of questions about Kindergarten.  His primary question is "How many days before. . ."  He wants to know when he'll start.  He wants to know what he'll learn.  He wants to know who is going with him.

When he asks what he'll do at Kindergarten, we explain that it will be a great year because he will learn to read.

On Friday, I took Braden to school so that we could volunteer in Macey's class for a little bit.  We saw Mrs. Mueller, the woman I hope will be his teacher next year, outside in front of the school.  We told her that we would be back for Kindergarten Orientation that afternoon!

As Braden and I walked away, he asked: "Mom, is she going to teach me to read?"

"Yes!" I said.  "And I'll help you, too."

We had a good time at Orientation.  I'm an old pro now, so I wasn't too anxious about the information presented.  In fact, Braden had to go to the bathroom, so we missed a chunk of the presentation anyway.  We went to visit a classroom and Mrs. Mueller read the kids a book.

On the way home, Braden was a little quiet.  Finally he said: "Mom, she did not teach me to read!"  I guess he expected it all to happen at Orientation.  I explained that it was a process -- that it took longer than 10 minutes.

I do not think he was fully satisfied with my response.

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