Friday, March 11, 2016

Are You Going To Play Sharks & Minnows?

This week has been CRAZY!  I write for five different clients, and this week each and every client wanted something.  And as soon as possible.

Add to that the kids' homework, music lessons, Macey's concert, Macey's extra dance practices, Emma's soccer practices (three times a week), Parent-Teacher Conference, spelling tests, benchmark tests and FINALLY, today, the Chinese Language Fair at the University of Utah.

The language fair is only for the older grades.  Molly is not participating for a few years.  But she heard tidbits about "camp" and went with her Dad and sister to pick out sack lunches for Emma & Macey's "camp".

When we're off-track, the kids do go to Super Sport camp.  And they have a great time.  Molly thought the girls were going to Super Sport.  And she was being forced to go to school.  And take her crummy spelling test.

She didn't complain.  But while I was doing Emma's hair, I heard her little voice ask: "Are you going to play sharks and minnows?"

Poor thing!  We quickly explained about the language fair and she seemed relieved.  Bring on the spelling test.  Bring on the language fair!

And I'm excited to have this week over!

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