Saturday, March 5, 2016

Spelling Bee 2015/2016

Macey is an exceptionally good speller.  Which makes sense as she is an exceptionally good student.  I often called her brain "the vault" because what goes in usually stays there and she can recall it.  It comes in handy with the spelling bee.

The school spelling bee is divided into two: a spelling bee for the lower grades and a spelling bee for the upper grades.  Last year, we knew, was Macey's year because she was in the third grade and would be the oldest one there.

The only complication was that her class spelling bee was scheduled for when we were in Florida for Theresa & Mike's wedding.  Luckily it was postponed.  Perhaps it was not about luck.  Perhaps it was about her teacher, Ms. Rollins, wanting the let Macey participate.  We brought the spelling list to Florida just in case and when we heard that the class spelling bee had been postponed a day and Macey could participate, we started studying like crazy in the Florida airport.

It was certainly her year!  She won in Round 11!

But the whole process made her a little anxious and a little sick.  So we thought that this year we would study enough to do well and be proud, but not win her class spelling bee.  But she just couldn't help herself.  She won.

We really did not study this much this year.  We knew older kids would be participating and decided that this year would not be her year.  But we practiced a little while in line in Disneyland.  We should have studied harder because the competition was not as brutal as I expected for the 4th, 5th and 6th grade.  I think Macey could have won it all.  As it was, she was the last 4th grader standing.  She went out on the word inclement.  She slipped an A in there.

We are proud of Macey!

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Grammy T said...

I'm so proud of Macey!