Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Socks & Peer Pressure

This year for his birthday Garry said that he did not want 'anything'. The greatest gift I could give him was to not spend money.

Well, you have to get him SOMEthing and so the girls and I went shopping. They each picked out two items -- a small item and a fashionable sweater for casual office days. The sweaters were great and soft -- a blue one, a gray one and a really nice black one.

I bought him two different types of socks. My feet perpetually hurt, and so I love comfortable socks. Some were long and some only went to the ankle. But they were thick and cushy. Just lovely.

His birthday came and went, and he promptly took each sweater back to the store, without even trying them on, can I just add. He's a little picky when it comes to clothes and sometimes when I point out something nice at the store for him or for the girls he always responds with, "that looks like something YOU'D wear", like it's a bad thing. Sigh.

The socks were about to meet to same tragic end except for one thing. We went to my sister's house for a birthday party and everyone left their shoes by the door. I pointed out how many people were wearing the socks I bought him -- they are black with gold toes so they are easy to point out.

Wouldn't you know that after a week of avoiding the best socks ever, he wore them the very next day. And wouldn't you know that he came home from work and gave me "kudos" for picking out the socks. And wouldn't you know he went back to the store and bought more?


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Tina said...

Ha, Ha!!! He sounds like me!