Saturday, February 19, 2011

So Completely NORMAL

One of the best things about living close to family is that they help me feel very normal. They know where I am coming from, my background, a lot of my history, and it comes in handy.

Take Friday. For those interested in having a say in the name of Baby Cunningham #4, you need to talk to Garry. As I picked out Emma and had a major say in Macey and definitely picked the name Molly, I have conceded that it is Garry's turn. He has a list of about 11 boy names and 20 girl names.

H confided in me that his #2 name choice for a boy was "Riker".

I said ABSOLUTELY NOT! Why not should be obvious, and I told him why not, and he said that I was the only one that would even think of that.

So I called my sister. And asked her on speakerphone, "Rachelle, why can we not name a boy (if it is a boy) Riker. Explain it to Garry."

And she did. Because it's a name of a prison and everyone knows that.

It's good to be proven normal.


Cunningham Blog said...

It is "Ryker", not Riker. And it's a great name. Better get use to it.

Garry said...

That last comment was from your husband.

Erin said...

I'm # 3. I saw the name choice and thought, please spare him. See, I'm a huge Law & Order fan and I can just hear the bum-bum beep thing they have going on with the little caption showing, Rikers. :-) Thank you.

Tina said...

I thought of Star Trek. ;)

Tina said...

OH, and I like the name ;)

(not that I have a vote in your house!!!)

Halley said she saw you guys the other day at the Pages and she loved seeing all the old (not really old!) ward members! FUN!

LeeAnn said...

Hey wait a sec...didn't I just read in your post that Garry gets to pick out the name? You didn't state that you had veto power. Maybe you should get it just in case :) PS- Garry, I like the name Ryker and never would have known that it was the name of a prison if I did not read Alicia blog.

Hygge Man said...

Ryker, Styker, Lycra, Mahershalalhashbaz, Rahm...there are so many worse choices.