Friday, February 25, 2011

A Vote Of Confidence

Everyday I ask the girls to make their beds. Emma is really good at it and never has a problem. Macey has an emotional breakdown everytime. It's "too hard" and she "can't do it" and there are tears and weeping and wailing nearly everytime.

I would not mind so much but I have seen her do it and do it well when she wants to -- she just tends to be a little lazy sometimes.

So I'll often ask Emma to help her and realized that it was not very fair to Emma. So I told Macey that everytime Emma helped her she had to give her a piece of candy since Macey still has Christmas and Valentine candy stashed somewhere in the depths on her closet.

"But Mom," she cried, "I'll run out of candy!"

Now there's confidence for you. But, I still love her. I helped her make her bed the other day and she tried to give me a piece of candy. Love that girl.

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Stephanie said...

If you get a candy every time you help her you need to start buying her better candy. : ) Dax is the same way with his dang shoes!!!