Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Macey Gracey Puddin' Facey

Being pregnant on Macey's birthday has been a challenge because I am just so emotional about it. I love, love, love this kid and everytime I think about how much I just love this kid, I start crying and just hug her tightly, and she's getting really tired of it.
From the minute Emma was born, she was such a Daddy's girl. They are so close! So when I had Macey, I finally had a little buddy. So fun!
She is so smart! She has an incredible memory and even though she is only in Pre-K, she's already reading. She's so kind! After my doctor's appointment yesterday I picked her up from my sister, she got in the van and asked, "So, Momma, how are you doing?" Really, what five year old thinks to ask? She's so beautiful! I love her eyes. What a beautiful girl.
She's our little Miracle Macey, and we love love love this girl!


The GruCru said...

If I can keep the Moore's away, I'm still hoping for a future daughter-in-law someday

Stephanie said...

We already called dib's. : ) We love Miss Macey so much too!!!

Grammy said...

I love Macey too - I love all the grandchildren, they all have their own little space in my heart for different reasons - but Macey, that girl is after my heart; she is the most lovable, she still sits on my lap and makes me feel like I'm the greatest thing in the world, who wouldn't love that? I am so blessed to have Macey in my life!!