Friday, February 4, 2011

Can I Just Decide??

This morning I sent Emma outside to go catch the bus. I watched her walk down the porch stairs and heard the oddest noise -- it was like runoff water -- like a massive melting taking place. But it was 8 am, and it was FREEZING. There was no melting going on here. What was that noise?

I told Garry, who was home today, that there was a weird noise coming from outside. I couldn't locate it. But, I went outside again and looked down. There it was. An outside pipe near our porch had exploded, and there was water gushing.

I ran downstairs to check the basement and saw the damage before I felt it with my feet. There was a dark hue everywhere. A sure sign of dark, flooded carpet. Only it was not just "flooded". I did not have my contacts in and did not understand that it was mud until I was dumping water into the sink from my little Hoover and realized I was dumping out mud.

Garry turned the water off and we started looking for a dry spot to put everything. We could not find anywhere. Everything was wet.

I started Hoovering, Garry called the insurance company, and then he started moving everything into the garage.

After we had done what we could and were waiting (and waiting and waiting) for the water mediation people to arrive, we started talking about some good things. About how lucky we were that Garry was home today. How lucky we were that I heard the water when I sent Emma out to school (we're not regularly in the basement nor do we spend much time near the porch area). How lucky we were that we did not have too many huge items down there.

After awhile, I got tired of the game of finding the 'silver lining' to this costly situation. Can I just decide that this sucks and let it go at that?


The GruCru said...

so sorry.

Tina said...

Oh man, you guys haven't had good luck with water. Like Tara, So sorry!

Erin said...

oh no!!! i'm so sorry you're dealing with this. yes, it's okay to just decide it sucks. i guess one more lucky thing--good thing you're not with a newborn cat said--easier to take care of in than out.

On The Go Family said...

There's almost nothing worse than dealing with water damage. Sorry -- hang in there.