Monday, February 14, 2011

A Very Pregnant Valentines Day

A few years ago on Oprah there was a woman who said that we need to reclaim Valentine's Day and make it more about our husband than our kids and their school parties.

Coupled with this advice is more advice from my sister who admits that her Valentine's Day has gotten out of control. They started giving their kids 'presents' when they were small and could easily be overjoyed with a balloon and a sucker. But now they are teens and preteens and want DS games and Wii games. . .and somehow Mama gets a $2 box of chocolates because the budget is SHOT. She suggested being very careful of starting any 'gift' traditions with the girls.

So this year I was very careful about this Valentine's Day. I set up a babysitter because this Valentine's Day I was going out. And eating something CHOCOLATEY! Emma is off-track and so she did not have a party, but Macey is and she got sent with little Valentines and little suckers. None of the over-stuffed bags I usually put together. Because I am reclaiming Valentine's Day!

The only down part was this morning when I tried to get dressed. Um, ya, about that, I am having a baby in a few weeks (well, I say few, others might say more) and when I put on my little pink sweater I looked like a reenactment from an unfortunate part of the movie Tommy Boy. Yep, that part. Well, maybe next year. . .

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Kiersten said...

I totally agree.

P.S. love the tommy Boy reference :)