Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our Search In Picture Form

Just in case things do not work out with the house we want, we put an offer on a house on a street called Felicidad. It means happiness ;) The house is a standard rambler, but it has an unbelievable kitchen.
Isn't that great! It has drawers upon drawers upon drawers. So much better than the two drawers I had in my townhouse!

We're still waiting to hear back from the bank on the Esperanza house.This is the one we want. We like it because it's done. The fence is in. The basement is finished. The landscaping is done. The neighborhood is established. Done. We need to replace carpet and they stripped it from everything to the fridge to the light switches, but, as my brother-in-law Brett says, it has good bones.

So while we're waiting, this weekend we looked at two houses. I was really excited about the one below. Doesn't it look nice? It's new construction, it has a different shape, a different look, and it was IN BUDGET. I was so excited. And then we walked in. Ugh. The master bedroom is to the right. There is no division between the bedroom and the bathroom. It's all just an L shaped room. So your bed would be two feet from your bathtub. And the area between the kitchen and the kitchen island was about 18 inches. Garry could walk inbetween but just barely. And where the kitchen ended, the "laundry room" began -- but it was not a room. It was just at the end of the kitchen. No door. No walls. No divisions. Just kitchen cabinet. And washer & dryer. It was ridiculous. Forgive me, Sarah Palin, but when I saw the master suite I exclaimed "This is retarded." I was disappointed. And then we walked across the street to this beauty.

Isn't she pretty?? Her price (she's so pretty she has to be a girl) has come way way down. She's actually just about $30,000 more than any of the above. But she needs window coverings, a basement put in, a fence, a yard. . .she gets pretty expensive pretty fast. But she was lovely.
I know that Garry is getting stressed out about all of this because he was started snoring again. Never a good thing. And I know I am getting stressed out because my eye twitch has come back -- right eye this time, though. I guess the left one needed a break.


Erin said...

I'm in love with that Felicidad kitchen. LOVING IT.

Meg said...

She is a beauty. We looked at her too and decided she was too high maintenance (like most girls) and figured we didn't want to put more money and time into fixing her up! Looks like you guys have a few great options though.

Kiersten said...

Hope you get the one you want!

Tina said...

Alicia, you crack me up!!!

I don't know if I like that kitchen??? Good thing we all like different things! In Utah, the two tone kitchen seems to be in . . . (kitchen cabinets not matching the island, hmmmm??)