Monday, February 15, 2010

Daddy Daughter Grand Princess Ball

Garry took the girls to a Daddy Daughter Grand Princess Ball. My sister came over to help me get the girls ready. I put some gel in Macey's hair to make it curl a bit (cursed dry Utah air!) and I curled Emma's hair with a little curling iron. It turned out very Princess-e. When they arrived they were announced over the loud speaker (introducing Princess Emma and Princess Macey with their father!) and given flowers.
They took a carriage ride.

And felt like Cinderella.

They ate good food (though Macey's face says otherwise).

They met the Little Mermaid!

And Emma's favorite -- Sleeping Beauty!

And Snow White.

They had story time with Cinderella.

And story time with Snow White (check out Emma falling asleep).

They danced and made necklaces and had a magical time!


Erin said...

What a fun activity for the girls! Where was this?

The GruCru said...

Yeah where was this?

Cunningham Blog said...

It was at our gym -- the great and spacious building of South Jordan -- Lifetime Fitness. They decorate all of their gyms.

Grammy said...

I love it!! They are true princesses!! And, of course, the most beautiful at the ball!!