Saturday, February 13, 2010

Meet Princess Amerah!

Utah has a local princess. Who knew?? Her name is Princess Amerah. She has a website at and even has a blog. She recently wrote a children's book and did story time with the girls at the library. The girls got all dressed up to meet her!

Molly did not get to go, but she did want her picture taken.

We picked up Cousin Chloe and they got their picture taken with the local Princess.
Here is her book -- Princess Amerah and the magic dress. In the book she, um, gets a magic dress.

She gave the girls suckers and they made crowns. A great time was had by all!!


annie valentine said...

I can't decide if I think she's incredibly cool or incredibly...high brow. We'll go with cool. There should seriously be more princesses out there.

Kiersten said...

Who knew! Sounds like a fun time :)

The GruCru said...

Someone should tell that princess that she needs to change the font color on her blog-to hard to read. I've thought for years that all princesses have Utah accents (maybe they're all from Utah)

Magic Princess said...

This is a wonderful post! Thank you!

I'm Justine (aka Princess Amerah) Would you mind if I used some of these photos for my blog? You have beautiful children!

GruCru - Thank you for your suggestion, I always had an issue with the font. Your comment gave me the push to have it changed! Take a look