Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One More Step

One of the things the girls miss most about Maryland is their dance class. They were really enjoying it, especially Macey, but they had to stop at the end of November.

This week we signed the girls up for dance (Macey) and gymnastics (Emma) at the Black Diamond Gym. Black Diamond was a really well known studio in Park City but in September they opened a new gym in South Jordan.

Macey was so excited! She got dressed by herself and found her ballet and tap shoes in the closet. All two hours before it was time to go.

After her 45 minute lesson, she skipped down the hall and said "That was AWESOME".

Pictures will be posted as soon as Garry downloads them to the computer. (Hint, hint).

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Grammy said...

That's my girls!!! I'm going to start saving my money for my Olympic trip = and the New York City Ballet!