Thursday, February 18, 2010

House Hunt Update

This is the house we are waiting on. When the realtor chose to present our bid to the bank, she said that she had a verbal agreement with all parties and we should be under contract in two weeks. That was nearly six weeks ago. The situation got a lot worse this week when the negotiator at the bank went on a two week vacation. It's good to be a negotiator, I guess.

We've been frustrated. Really frustrated. We've prayed for a house, fasted for a house, gone to the temple to ask for special help. But still the best case scenario is that we'll hear something in 16 days. Best case scenario. That puts us under contract sometime in March and since we are month-to-month in our "luxury" apartment, that keeps us in the apartment through April.

Deep sigh.

The frustrating thing, well, the most frustrating thing, is that the banks are fighting over $5,000. There are two mortgages on the house and one bank wants $5,000 more of the pie. We've told our agent that we will just pay the $5,000 but she said it does not work like that. If we add $5,000 the two banks will start fighting again over the additional $5,000 and it would actually make the situation worse.

Yesterday I was feeling really sad. I just want a house. It seems like everyone has one! I'd like one, too!! Some of you even have two or three for the love! I just want one! I want to send my kids outside to play. I want my own mailbox. I've never had a mailbox. Wouldn't it be great to walk to the end of my driveway and check the mailbox??? With the stress of buying this house and losing money when we sold our townhouse, I have felt forgotten. Like my guardian angel went on vacation with the bank negotiator.

But last night at Emma's Open Gym I met a woman who has five kids. She's been living in an apartment while she has been waiting for her house. FIVE KIDS. Age 18 months to 9. She and her husband bought a short sale and went through the nightmare process. But her house was under construction when the construction company went under. Actually, the boss embezzled everything he could and took off. They finally got the house but they still have to finish it. Now she cannot get the electric company to install a meter on her home and cannot get heat and cannot get drywall in her home. Everything has been at a standstill for three weeks as she waits for electricity. She hopes to be able to move in in about two months.

It could be so much worse! I could have two more kids in this lap of luxury!!


Tina said...

Since I'm in the "3 house" category, I won't say a word, not a word . . . .

My mailbox is snowed under, if it gives you any comfort to know. I haven't received mail in 2 weeks, and in that stack of undelivered mail is probably the rent check from one of those above named houses!!!) Wow, I think I may have to blog about this . . . . . .

kate said...

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