Friday, February 26, 2010


We broke every rule when we started looking at houses in December. Okay, I broke a very big rule. I got attached. First to Lizzie with its fabulous fireplace and fun bonus room that no one would ever see and therefore I would rarely have to clean! When it got snatched up just hours before we were thinking of putting in an offer, it broke my heart and was hard to look at other houses after that. They just did not stack up.

And now Esperanza. When the banks were within $5,000 of an agreement, the negotiator went on a two week vacation. She is now behind, not answering phone calls, her voice mail is full, and she is not returning the phone calls she has. There is no movement. What was supposed to take two weeks because we had a verbal agreement and all parties were on-board has taken two months and there is no end in sight.

So we're going to go out and look at five other houses (none of them are short sales!!). It'll be hard because each house will have something Esperanza does not have: a deck, a fence, landscaping, a finished basement. Big costly things.

Not sure if we should just forget about Esperanza or hold on because it has everything that we want?? We've been 'homeless' for three months and my sanity level over having three kids in such a tiny space is wearing THIN.