Monday, February 22, 2010

Celebrating Valentine's Day, Utah Style

Back East, Valentine's Day could be a little stressful. You had to find a babysitter that was not already booked and a restaurant that you could get into! Often Garry & I would celebrate Valentine's Day a little early or a little later so that we could get a babysitter and a table at a restaurant.

But, welcome to Utah where we have lots of options for babysitters and so many great restaurants to choose from. But, problem. This year it fell on a Sunday. (Sigh).

So on Saturday we went to a movie. The Blind Side. It's been out FOREVER and so I expected the theater to be pretty empty. Instead, it was packed. I guess everyone had the same idea. It must have been a great one!

Check out my roses -- aren't they beautiful?!? This vase was actually my first Valentine's Day present from Garry. Ahhhhh......

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LeeAnn said...

Beautiful flowers! Glad you enjoyed your Valentines Day!