Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Friend

Garry and I have been going to the ward that we would go to if we got the Esperanza house. We have not become very active in the ward since things might not work out with Esperanza and we would have to start all over somewhere else. I am not sure if they have a play group or a book club.

So I have been going to my sister's book club. It's a little fluffy. January's book was fluffy. February's book was by a Mormon author and fluffy. In March we are reading a Sheri Dew book (sigh) and in April we are reading another piece of fluff by January's author (deep sigh).

So it was with great excitement that at the end of book club last night a member, Sarah, said, "If anyone is looking for a really good book to read, I highly recommend The Glass Castle."

I nearly jumped out of my chair and hugged her. Finally someone who read more than fluff!!

I gushed to her about how I LOVED that book and was starting her new book and on and on. I probably scared her with my excitement, but apparently good book club friends are hard to find.

She walked out with my sister and I and we talked about wanting to read more serious, good, stay-with-you, change-your-life, good books. She said that she felt like the 'liberal' of the group because she recommended a book that shocked the book club to its core and made the Relief Society book club change to the neighborhood book club.

Sounds like another friend I know ;)


Jana said...

I am going to my first book club meeting here and we are discussing a Danielle Steele book. UGH! I didn't read it since I was in the hospital, but I am prepared to come with lots of ideas of books to read. Hope everything is going well.

The GruCru said...

Our month's selection is about teenage demon slayers-and it's changing my life. OK, not life changing, but entertaining.

MissouriMormonMama said...

Soo funny Alicia ( : I think we would have gotten along fabulously if we'd been in the same area for a longer time ( : I'm not into fluff books either, except for the occasional bit necessary for unwinding. Yeah for a good book club friend!

Tina said...

Rolling on the floor in hilarious laughter!!!1

Stephanie said...

Crazy liberal book clubbers! : )