Thursday, August 6, 2009

Redskins Training Camp

Yesterday I logged onto the Redskins site and found out that Thursday (today) was the last open practice at Training Camp. This Saturday is Fan Appreciation Day, and though I love the Redskins and am indeed a fan, I am not entering that mess. That would be like going to Disneyland in June. Oh, wait. . . So last night I rushed to the store and got Garry & I matching Training Camp 2009 t-shirts and Emma & Macey jerseys. Emma is Cooley. Macey is Portis. Unfortunately we had to hide our matching cuteness under ponchos because of the rain.
Though I was so excited to be at Training Camp, I think that Garry was even MORE excited than I was -- a difficult feat.

Here we are at the field. The rain came in and out and here was a not-so-damp moment.

And sometimes Molly was even allowed out of her stroller. Here's a happy stroller-free moment!
It was heaven. I saw Campbell, Portis, Moss, Cooley, Randel El, Zorn . . . it was great!


Kiersten said...

Looks like fun...and your matching cuteness is still very effective even under the ponchos :)

Stephanie said...

How fun! Now I know like six players (don't quiz me about it later though, okay.) Go Redskins!