Monday, August 17, 2009

Jack Diamond Morning Show!

I have listened to the Jack Diamond Morning show basically since I moved here and needed a good, but clean, morning show to listen to on the way into Washington, D.C. Every Friday they have Free For All Friday where they have a studio audience of 10-12 people come in and watch the show, eat yummy food, and perhaps get called up for a game.
This Friday Stephanie, Tara and I went. We met at 4:10 in the morning (argh!) and made the drive into Washington. It was a beautiful drive! We drove past the Jefferson Memorial, Washington Memorial, White House, Cathedral, Embassy Row. . . It reminded me of my commute with my carpool when I lived in Franconia. We used to drive past the Pentagon, past Arlington Cemetary, over the Memorial Bridge, past the Lincoln Memorial, past the Vietnam Wall Memorial, past the White House and the Old Executive Office Building, and I used to think, "Does anyone else in the world have as beautiful of a commute as this?"

Anyway, I digress. The show was great! It was fun to see the people behind the voices. They were all so nice and showed us how things worked, Dominoes catered (anything better than pizza in the morning?) and Stephanie and I played a round of agree or disagree and won tickets to Luray Caverns! What a great morning! I think we only got picked because of our styling shirts. Jack Diamond talks about his Beloved 13 Aribtron listeners all the time, and so we made the shirts to let him know that we were true fans and did not come just for the pizza. At 6:30 a.m.


Jessica said...

That was a beautiful commute but the trash we had to listen to during that beautiful commute coupled with the freezing cold ac? Sheesh.

Tina said...

How fun was that? Wish I had been able to listen in . . . . I've been known to listen to Jack Diamond.