Thursday, August 20, 2009

Greased Stalking! Go Greased Stalking!

There are a few things about the play/movie Grease that really bother me.

Stay In Touch! First, let's start with one of the first songs: Summer Nights. In this song Sandy and Danny sing about their summer romance. At one point in the song they talk about how they made a "true love's vow" but then are startled to see each other at the same high school after Sandy moves with her family. Didn't the true love's vow come with phone numbers and addresses? I know that it was before email and facebook, but hey, the phone has been around for quite awhile. Doesn't a true love vow include staying in touch?

Stalker? Isn't Danny a little concerned that Sandy shows up in his high school and his home town? Would it be a stretch to turn this movie into a Lifetime Special on stalking? Maybe have the song "Greased Stalking" be about a get away car that can go so fast Sandy cannot keep up and follow? It's always concerned me that she just shows up. I think it smacks a little of stalking.

Born to Hand Jive: I have nothing funny to say about Born to Hand Jive. It's just a FABULOUS song.

We Go Together: If I ever let my girls watch Grease, I may turn it off right before the end of the year carnival. I do not want my girls to think that they can get a man by putting on a pair of tight leather pants. Though if truth be known, that's how I got Garry. I have the pants in my closet to prove it.


Frankie said...

OK. Now you've hit a nerve. I love that movie! I started watching it while babysitting for a neighbor who not only had a VCR but also Cable! They had this movie on tape and I watched it every time I went there!

But the thing that really bugs me about this movie is that Rizzo and Kenickie . . . um . . . consumate their relationship after the homecoming game, but she doesn't realize that she's not pregnant until graduation? I think that would have been apparent a little sooner than that! :D

Thank you for finally giving me a forum in which to express these feelings that have been sitting on my heart for the past 25 years!

LeeAnn said...

So will you wear the leather pants to Book Club one night- so we can see it and then believe it!

The GruCru said...

loved today's blog. I'm not sure if I should let my kid's watch Grease or not. I didn't realize it as a kid, but it is filthy.

Stephanie said...

Pictures, must see pictures!!!

Jana said...

I'm with Stephanie -- gotta see pictures! This will date me, but I remember seeing Grease at the drive in when it came out. I was four. Have loved the movie since then.

Tina said...

Uhhhhh, I'm going out on a limb here . . . haven't googled it yet . . . . but isn't the song called "Greased Lightening" or are you just making a play on the words????

My daughter loved the movie when she was little and couldn't figure out why I hated her watching it, until she grew up and gave me a bad time for letting her watch it!

Loved your blog entry!