Friday, August 28, 2009

Nine Months of Mollyabulous!

Today Molly is nine months old! This month, she has mastered standing up and clapping and can walk, make that run, with her little walker. I think that she has even started to say "Emma" (no, I'm not jealous at all) but it's usually said with so much other gobbly gobbly that I cannot be 100 percent sure.

She loves to play with her sisters, torment them by stealing princesses and Little People, and she loves loves to eat Cheerios off of the floor (so much btter than the ones on her tray.) She hates her carseat and apparently nighttime.

She can crawl so fast and is a ham -- if she is not getting enough attention she stand up in the middle of the floor and clap for herself until we all join in. We love our Molly!

Here are some highlights from the month:

I'm standing! I'm standing! And I'm falling. . .
On the swing on Stake Temple Day

Exhausted from loving Macaroni & Cheese TOO MUCH!

Enjoying a little quesadilla at Taco Bell.