Monday, August 3, 2009

Ready. . Set. . .Not Yet!. . Ready. . .Set. . .Not Yet!

Last year Garry applied for a job back west. Over 800 people applied for this job, and of the 800, they interviewed 8. Garry was one of the 8 and though he did not get that job, he was the alternate and went through the process of getting cleared to work: polygraph, background check and all.

At the end of April we found out about a job opening that they wanted Garry to take. And since then we have been in a holding pattern. It's taken months to find out a starting date, a clear starting salary, and information regarding closing costs. MONTHS. I still do not know who is moving our stuff, when they are coming to move our stuff, and will they move our cars?, or de we have to drive there? do they have temporary housing available while we look for something? is it actual housing or do they just provide a housing allowance for a period of time?

Just little stuff like that.

I have tried really hard to not let it effect me too much, but I am a planner, and not being able to plan is a little crippling and I've started to get headaches. So yesterday I decided that maybe I was just being given more time to make a few more dreams come true out here in the Washington, D.C. area. So I am developing a list of things I still want to do while here.

(1) Take my girls to the Senate to meet friends on the Hatch staff.
(2) Take the girls on a monument tour and take pictures so they'll at least have pictures to remember the area by.
(3) Go to a open Redskins training practice!
(4) Go to NYC and take my girls to that huge toy store and get on the Today show.
(5) Take the girls to the Washington, D.C. temple.
(6) Invite friends over for a thigh-slappin' fun game of PIT!

Any other suggestions?


Grammy said...

I have one....while you're still on this coast, come to Florida to visit Grammy - lots of fun things to do! :)

Kiersten said...

Looks like you have a good list. I want to come play thighs could use some slappin.
Oh, and I agree, you shoul get pictures of them at the monuments while you are still here.

The GruCru said...

We want to cone play pit too-Scott has a huge list on his coputer-you should have him forward it to him