Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happiness and Tears

Everyday with three girls is full of emotions, and I have a feeling that the emotions are going to get more dramatic over the next several years (poor Garry!). Here's a snippet from yesterday's highs and lows.

They Are Paying Attention! Yesterday the girls were sharing an ice cream sandwich at the table. They were excited because they were sitting in the "big chairs" where Garry and I sit instead of the usual bench. I was in the kitchen doing dishes (of course) when I heard Emma announce: "I'm Miss Tara!" to which Macey responded with "I'm Miss Stephanie!"

Then Miss Tara (Emma) asked Miss Stephanie (Macey): "Did you make these ice cream sandwiches?"

To which Miss Stephanie (Macey) answered: "Yes, I did."

To which Miss Tara (Emma) exclaimed: "They are DELICIOUS!"

I guess that they have been paying attention during all of those Lunch Bunches and Potlucks. Too cute.

What About Me? The girls picked out their outfits yesterday. Macey wanted to wear a sundress and Emma picked out a blue shirt with matching shorts. They both looked nice but while we were at Target a woman stopped to gush over Macey. "Look how cute she is in the dress and those shoes!" Well, she is my Macey, and, of course she is beautiful.

But Emma's feelings got hurt. "Why didn't she say I was beautiful?" she asked. My heart broke. Because Macey has the blond hair, blue eye thing going on, she will always stand out in this world, but I hope that Emma will also realize how beautiful and smart and funny she is!


Grammy said...

She is very beautiful. I was the blonde hair, blue eyed child, but my sister always got the "beautiful" comments, so I know how she feels - but I'm sure you made her feel beautiful too!

Jana said...

We have the same situation. Baden gets a lot of attention with his blonde hair and blue eyes. Of course if Billy smiles then people see his dimple and gush over that. It has to be equal opportunity.

The GruCru said...

I am honored to be a star in a game of make believe and let Emma know that Brunettes are where it's really at

Jessica said...

Seriously--what is it with the blonde hair? People go nuts over Asher's blonde hair and I'm like, hey, Soren has silky RED hair, it's cute too!

Stephanie said...

I'm with Tara, honored to be part of their day. Your girls are all beautiful, if Emma needs a confidence boost she can just come over to our house and the boys will fight for her attention.