Sunday, June 14, 2009

Macey's Home Remedies

Yesterday Emma was eating the ice cream that she picked out when the ice cream truck went down our street: Cotton Candy Swirl. Yum.

She was in heaven, silently eating her sweet sweet dessert when she discovered that she had a problem.
"Mom," she asked, "what do I do when my tongue gets too cold?"

I thought for a few seconds and told Emma, "When you are done eating your ice cream, just keep your tongue in your mouth for a few seconds and it will warm right back up!"

Macey thought that this response was silly and told Emma her own special remedy.

"Emma," she said, "go like this three times and you will feel better." Macey demonstrated and smacked her lips together three times.
Would you like to guess who Emma listened to? All I can say is that there was a whole lot of smacking going on while they ate their ice cream.


LeeAnn said...

Well it must have worked great if they kept doing it! Or is it just the power of suggestion?

Tina said...

Kids really do get an early start taking advice other than their parents don't they?

Cute blog!