Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beating The Storm

We have had several storms in the last month. I really have not minded. Since school has been out, there is not anywhere the girls and I have to be and so we have not gotten stuck in any of the storms.

But Garry has.

Yesterday he left for work at zero-way-too-early in the morning. He could see the storm coming and knew it could be disasterous. The garage parking at work is under construction and so he has to park outside. In the elements. Exposed to whatever might come his way. And this storm was coming in fast.

He drove as fast as he could, probably saying a few choice words as he went at all the slow people in front of him. I'm certain that a favorite "J" word came out a few times. But, alas, it was all for nothing. By the time that he got into the parking lot, the storm had hit. Sheets of rain were coming down all around him.

Quickly Garry looked around for options to keep him somewhat dry on his long walk to the building front door. He remembered a sweatshirt that used to be in the Jeep. Still there? Nope.

But there was one thing in the Jeep.

Macey's Princess Umbrella.

Don't you wish you could have been there? Wouldn't you have loved to see him run into a NAVY building with a Princess Umbrella?

Yep, me too.

He claims he did not use it and just got sopping wet. But unless surveilance video shows up, I guess we'll never know.


Stephanie said...

That's awesome I can see it now!

The GruCru said...

love the new pic

Tina said...

Yes, would have loved to see it!

Love the new header pic!!

Meg said...

Shut up! That is hillarious, I bet he used it...if he is anything like Jeremy-who HATES to get wet, and doesn't like the rain. I always ask him why he hates to get wet so bad, it's not like the weather is going to ruin his hair!

Kiersten said...

Too funny!