Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day Three: Father's Day!

We woke up really early on Sunday morning so that we could pack up and head on out! We loved, loved the Residence Inn but the walls were very thin. Garry woke up to the girl in the next room complaining on the phone about her guy troubles. Something about "Girl, you know how I can get when I like a guy!" Wished we could have stuck around to hear more!

We went North (but it surprisingly got warmer) to Valencia, California to go to church with Garry's brother and his family. We really liked their church house! They had stadium seating in the chapel. Fabulous. We were on the back row but it felt like we were right in front of the speakers!

Valencia is a really nice part of California. The Relief Society teacher started a story by saying: "I was talking to my nanny, and. . ." Wow.

Our sister-in-law was so great and prepared a fabulous dinner for us. We really appreciate them letting us crash their Father's Day!

At night, we headed off to Anaheim. Off to Disneyland! We could see the Mattahorn from the Interstate and Garry and I both looked at each other. It seems like it was much, much bigger 20 years ago.

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