Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day Four: DISNEY!

On Monday morning we headed out EARLY to Disneyland. When I was last there, over 20 years ago, I remember eating at IHOP and getting Chocolate Chip pancakes. Who'da thunk -- chocolate chips in pancakes! I was amazed. So, I made Garry stop and have breakfast there again. And I had chocolate chip pancakes. The girls in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle! We got there right when it opened and headed off to the Nemo submarine ride. Then Garry took the girls on the cars and we went to go meet Tinkerbell. Finally, off to the castle!
While Garry took Emma on Dumbo, I got Macey a sucker. Shaped like Mickey. Is there anything better?

The circus train! Emma insisted that we ride in the monkey cage.

My beautiful Molly. Check out her Minnie shirt.

My Dad's favorite ride is the tea cups. He asked that we take a spin for him. So we spun and spun and thought about Grandpa!

One of Macey's favorite: the boat ride to Storybook Village. You enter through the mouth of a whale. Where did my Macey who was scared of everything go?

A little overwhelmed by It's A Small World.

More pictures to come. The girls collapsed after the fireworks. What a day!


Kiersten said...

So much fun!
Looks like you picked the best (purple) teacup to ride in :)

Tina said...

Fun times!

(chocolate chips are a regular at my house, if I forget them, it's like forgetting something like salt from the pancake recipe!!!)

Jana said...

I love,love Disney! What a wonderful time and great memories.