Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day Two: Sea World! Daytime Visit

On Saturday morning we headed off to Sea World, one of Garry's favorite places on earth. We got there before it opened, in true Cunningham fashion. It was freezing! Not exactly sunny California that day. Emma is holding the map.
Emma and Macey in front of the Manatee. Thank you Dora & Diego for teaching us all about the Manatees so that the girls would be excited to see them! Notice we broke down and got Emma a sweatshirt. Did I mention it was FREEZING?

Emma & Garry at the shark exhibit. I love the exhibits at Sea World with the moving people movers. It keeps people, well, moving.

Waiting for a show at Sea World. I can explain the hair. I flatironed it before we left that morning but then it rained.

At the Sesame Playground portion of the park. Meeting Ernie! Emma was much more excited to meet him two years ago. Here, it looks like she's ready to run.

Elmo & Cookie Monster. I think that my big girls are so done with Sesame Street, but I am a little in denial that they are getting too big for all of this.

At the Sesame Playground there was a huge net for the girls to climb, a rickety bridge to walk over, and a fun slide to go down. Look at my Macey, who is scared of everything, tackling the bridge! I was amazed.

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Tina said...

Sea World is a favorite of mine also! Looks like you had fun . . . . and Alicia I feel your pain . . . curly hair + drizzly weather = hair disaster! The cardinal rule of a curly girl's life is to wear a pony tail band around their wrist for such emergencies!!! lol!