Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This is my 300th post. Wow, can I write about nothing or can I write about nothing? 300 times, too!

Today I have been thinking about a few current events.

First, I am a little annoyed by the continuing coverage of the Casey Anthony case in Florida. The news media keeps trying to find a new angle so that they can rehash the case. Again. Yesterday the Today show did a story on it. Again. Before going to commercial, Meredith announced, "And in the next half hour we'll be discussing the Casey Anthony case. Is the evidence as damaging as has been assumed?" So I turned the television off. Is the evidence damaging? Yes, yes, and more yes. End of story. I looked at my girls and tried to think how long it would take me to call the police if they were missing. How long would I let it go? Ten minutes? Five minutes? Two? How long did she go? A couple of weeks?

The second and third topic are interlinked. I think that the protests in Iran can be a very positive thing. I do not think that a "recount" is necessarily going to work as the "recount" will probably just make the same insane guy the winner. But maybe by a smaller margin. It'll be interesting to watch it all play out.

What I do worry a little bit about is the American tolerance for international stories. It seems that the national media thinks that we can only take one story at a time. So what this unrest in Iran has done is drive press coverage away from the reporters captured in North Korea.

But, about those reporters, they did enter the country illegally and were involved in activities that go against the laws of that country. So I am wondering what the United States responsibility is to them now. Certainly they should not be allowed to serve 12 years of hard labor. But what is our level of responsibility for getting them out? I really do not know.

And that's what I've been thinking about the last few hours. Aren't you glad I usually stick with writing about the antics of Emma, Macey and Molly?


Sylvia said...

The news is just hard to watch ...I'd rather watch least there you know what you are getting...crap TV not cleverly disguised as news or what the networks try to pass off as news.

LeeAnn said...

Yes we do love hearing stories about your amazongly cute girls but it's nice to know what the biggest girl in the family thinks about the worls around her!