Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In Case You Missed It The First Time. . .

I remember several months ago a friend told me that her kids loved watching their siblings get in trouble. She said that she could sell tickets for a front row seat of their sibling getting a spanking or a stern talking to. Since my little girls were little little when she told me this story, I just laughed. But now I am living it.

A few days ago the girls got in a lot of trouble for plucking leaves off of one of my ficus plants. Since then, they have left the ficus alone. But on the way out the door yesterday Macey plucked a leaf off of a tree right next to the front door.

Emma seized on this little event.

"Macey," she said loudly. Too loudly. "You know you are not supposed to take leaves off of the tree."

I was busy trying to get Molly in her seat, so I ignored her.

So she tried harder.

"Macey, oh no!" she exclaimed! Loudly! "You should not take leaves off of the tree. You know the tree right outside. By the door. You should not have done that! Oh, Macey!"

Finally I decided to give Emma what she was looking for. "Macey, do not take leaves off of the tree," I said.

And Emma smiled.

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LeeAnn said...

Ahh, but pay back is really gonna stink!!!

BTW-extremely cute pic of the girls on your blog page!