Monday, January 28, 2013

Too Much? Ummm....Yes.

Every year I seem to do too much at Christmas.  Well, at least I buy too much.  It's hard.  You want your kids to just have a wonderful, magical memory.  But, I know this year was a little crazy because there are two presents in the toy room that have not even been taken out of their box yet.  Sigh.  I heard one woman on TV say that her kids only get three presents from her every year.  Grandparents are free to spoil, but she says that if three presents were good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for her kids.  I am going to have to think about that this year.  

Molly loves Snow White.  And she loves to play princesses.  So it was really great of Santa to get her this little spread.

All Macey wanted from Santa was a Brave doll.  But I think Santa felt bad that the other kids were getting more.  But she still has not touched the Cinderella stuff.  She just wanted the doll, and she meant it!

Oh, the stupidity that is the Barbie Dream House.  Actually, Molly plays with it, so it was not that stupid.  But Emma is learning to hand knit, and so Santa put two things of yarn on top of the Dream House.  Want to guess what Emma went crazy over and grabbed first?  Yes, that would be the $2.40 yarn.

Christmas with the Cunningham Kiddos!  We are getting to a very limited time when we can still wear matching pajamas!  That Christmas commercial with the background song of "Just Stay Little" made me weep everytime it came one.  Just stay little.

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Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

This was the first year I couldn't find matching pj's and had to resort to making them. This year, none of my kids really wanted anything, so I got them a few things and we are going on a cruise.