Monday, January 28, 2013

Polar Express!

This year my parents came to ride the Polar Express with us!  We also had a lot of fun going with my little niece, Chloe, as well.  I checked the girls out early from school, picked up Garry, and we were off to see Santa at the North Pole!

Every year is a little different.  The first year that we went, it was pretty quiet in the train as we rambled along.  Last year it was crazy festive because each car was assigned an Elf to arrange for sign a longs.  This year there were more Elves in each train car, and they spent the time going up and down and talking to everyone.

Of course Mrs. Claus came on board and gave us a recipe for Santa's favorite cookies.  And we picked up Santa at the North Pole, and he gave everyone a bell.  And a conductor stamped our tickets.

Great time had by all!

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